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Before Ramadan ends...

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My article for Farah Magazine #Ramadan2021

Embracing Ramadan in its true spirit

We enter the month of Ramadan with a lot of joy and excitement in our hearts, but we Muslim mummies also have anxiety deep inside about how to manage home, kids, school, iftars and suhoors, and not to forget taraweeh. This is the time that calls for effective planning and efficient usage of time. Planning always makes affairs smooth, but we also have to keep in mind that everything might not go as per plan. This is the reason why we must have realistic goals and understand that Ramadan is first and foremost a time for ibadah. To make the most of this blessed month, here are a few things we can do that’ll help us reap maximum rewards, while keeping us positively charged : 1. The first step is of course, to make sincere dua to Allah to make our affairs easy. Accept the fact that Allah has placed us exactly where we need to be, and Allah is all knowing. This will help us in getting rid of any unnecessary anxiety and pressure. 2. Ramadan is indeed the month of mercy, and its blessings re

Ramadan and YOU!!

It's that time of the year again … peace, happiness, and excitement filling the hearts already. As we enter this month, we have lots of goals in mind and are full energy. But after a week or so, the spirit reduces. May Allah help us be consistent throughout Ramadan. Ameen! During this month, there is a drastic change in our daily routines and sometimes our responsibilities as a wife, daughter, or mother take away a big portion of the day, leaving us feeling guilty for not using time wisely. Fulfilling our duties in Dunya and at the same time being able to do enough ibadah can be achieved only with the help of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Here are some tips that might help you strike that balance: 🌙 Make lots of dua that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) makes it easy for you, and that you are able achieve satisfaction in your actions. 🌙 Remember: without health, nothing is possible. Make sure that you drink lots of water, get some sleep, and not overeat at iftar. 🌙 Spread the

We Love Ramadan!!🌙#ramadan2021

And another year...

The world was so excited and anticipating the arrival of 2020. But as the pandemic kept spreading we hardly noticed the whole year just flew by, and here we are already standing at the edge of it still finding it difficult to believe 2020 is ending. Indeed it is very sad we lost so many of our friends and relatives in a year and it is only by Allah’s mercy that we are still breathing. Alhamdulillah!! Let’s try and reflect on the year 2020 😧We are completely helpless. The situation around the world proved to us once again that man is helpless without his Lord. We realized once more Allah controls us, the world and everything else. 🧼Importance of Hygiene Washing hand with soap and using sanitizers have become the new norm. At all time whether we are in a pandemic era or not, clean habits always helps. 🤷‍♂Human beings are social animals Yes we learned this in our school days, but we actually felt it today when we were not allowed to mingle with others and had to stay isolated. 👩‍💻Tec

Love you Allah 💌

Presenting our new song as a team. Alhamdullilah!!