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8 Ways to Brighten up Your Ramadan in Quarantine

As the world is passing through a difficult phase and the people perplexed, the most awaited Ramadan is arriving. Yes it is not going to be as usual but that doesn't reduce its mercy or reward a bit.
Let us all pray we reach Ramadan in perfect health. Baligna Ramadan!! We are still trying to accept the fact that this Ramadan is indeed distinct. A Ramadan without masjids, iftar gatherings or socializing is definitely new to us. But as a believer we dig the treasure out of this scenario. Sharing few thoughts that might help brighten up your inner self.
💭 Decree Accept the fact that everything happens according to Allah's will and there is wisdom behind it.
🤲 Prayer Dua is our superpower. Keep making dua not just for yourself but all humanity suffering around the world.
🏠 Closed Masjid If closed masjids are making you feel depressed, remind yourself you can do all that you did in masjid at home. It will not just ease your mind but make you immensely happy as the barakah embraces you. …

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