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My first ever BOOK REVIEW


AUTHOR : Umm Marwan Ibrahim
ILLUSTRATOR : Nolitri Devi
PUBLISHER: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing @djarabikpub
GENRE: Story book for young Muslims

Received a soft copy from the publisher for a genuine review

The story revolves around a curious little mind in love with books.
Dawood was too small to read but that didn't stop him from flipping through the pages.
He was always keen to know what each book had to say.

The best part of the book is when the tiny boy discovers the most powerful book. His lovely mother introduces to him the "Words of Allah" in a beautiful manner.
The whole book is followed with cute and colorful illustrations which keeps the reader hooked to the volume.

The author has done a wonderful job by inculcating love, interest and curiosity in the minds of young readers.
The book concludes with fun quiz and activities to engage the tiny tots.

I really enjoyed reading the book with my kids and I would highly recommend it to other parents. My…

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